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Fire Hydrant Testing PDF Print E-mail

Oneonta Fire & Rescue Hydrant Testing  

Arthur Willis, Fire Chief

Oneonta Fire & Rescue conducts fire hydrant testing twice a year to ensure the fire hydrants are operating properly and can be used in the event of fire or other emergency that requires water.  The fire hydrant flows also improve the water quality by turning over water in low usage mains.

Starting Monday, September 15th, and continuing each week during daylight hours through Friday, October 3rd, the Oneonta Fire & Rescue will be testing public fire hydrants within the city limits and Fire Jurisdiction of Oneonta.  Because the testing involves the increased flow of water from fire hydrants, some customers may notice discolored water during the testing.

  • The increased flow of water from the fire hydrants during testing occasionally causes the scouring of manganese that has built up on the lining of water mains. The scouring can result in discolored water at the customer’s tap.
  • The discolored water is bacteriologically safe but can stain clothing.
  • DO NOT WASH clothing in the discolored water.  Check for discolored water in your washing machine before washing clothes during this designated fire hydrant testing period.

We cannot provide the exact day of the week that firefighters will be testing in your area; however we make every attempt to pose as little inconvenience as possible to residents and businesses.

For more information about the fire hydrant testing, contact the Oneonta Fire & Rescue at 205-274-2752.