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Chaplain Mel Wade

Oneonta Fire & Rescue Service

Mel Wade began his service with the Oneonta Fire & Rescue Service in 1987. In 1997, he recognized a need in the department for a Fire Chaplain service. He has served as the Chaplain of the fire department since that time.


As a Fire Chaplain, our work is not limited to the area of fire departments, firefighters, communities, or victims of the devastating ravages of fire or other crises. We shall strive to help ease the suffering of our fellow man wherever our paths shall lead. However, as a base for our work, we have chosen the Nation’s Fire Service, the acknowledged world’s most dangerous profession, and fire victims, whose suffering is that most beyond description.

You can reach our Chaplain at:

Office Phone (205) 813-7189

Cell Phone (205) 559-1018


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