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Code Enforcement

The Oneonta Fire and Rescue  Service is committed to life safety and the protection of all  citizens and property.


A portion of this protection is achieved through permitted building construction and the issuance of certificates of occupancies.  


Plan reviews, routine fire inspections and pre-incident planning of commercial buildings, group assemblies, healthcare facilities and high-hazard occupancies are conducted in a conjoined effort with fire personnel and the city's building officials to ensure the utmost attention is given to safety.

The Oneonta Fire and Rescue Service and the City of Oneonta utilize the adopted 2015 ed. of the International Fire Code® 

If you have questions regarding code enforcement or information on submitting plans for review, feel free to contact the Oneonta Fire and Rescue Service or the office of the Oneonta Fire Marshal at 205-813-7186.


Fire Investigations

It is devastating when you have been the victim of a fire loss. That is why the Oneonta Fire and Rescue Service has on staff Certified Fire Investigators to determine the origin and cause of your fire loss. 


Utilizing the National Fire Protection Association's Guide 1033 and 921 as tools, investigators work closely with your insurance agency and their agents to determine a timely and precise  origin and  cause of your loss. 

If it is determined that a fire loss was indeed an intentional or criminal act, criminal investigators on staff will follow through on criminal investigations and court proceedings to hold those accountable for the loss.

Camp Fire
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